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December 9th, 2007: album back in stock on CD BABY

Finally the cd is available again on CD BABY: after the sold out, Vision Metal Records released new copies. Soon, the album will be purchasable on SONIC CATHEDRAL too. Thanks!

November, 17th, 2007: SOLD OUT on CD BABY too!!!!

Great! We have discovered that the record is no more available (temporarily) also on CD BABY because they SOLD OUT! Soon, they'll receive a new stock and the cd will be purchasable again! C... [ read more ]

November, 11th, 2007: SOLD OUT on Sonic Cathedral!!!!!

Another good news about "Sonic Cathedral": at first, we got a little scared because the album and the name of the band had suddenly disappeared from the site, even from the "new items" top t... [ read more ]

November 6th, 2007: the album on "iTunes" soon!

Soon the album will be downloadable on "iTunes". Stay in touch and check it out, clicking on the external link below! Really you can't miss it... :) Thank you very much, again, to those who ... [ read more ]

November 5th, 2007: number 5 in the bestsellers' new items top ten of SONIC CATHEDRAL!!!!

We're proud to announce that today our debut album is at number five in the top ten of the "Bestsellers new items" on the renowned virtual music superstore "Sonic Cathedral", devoted to rock... [ read more ]

FLASH review (october 2007): a score of 85/100!!!

On the october 2007 issue of "Flash", surely one of the most important metal magazine in Italy, we received a score of 85/100. Read the translation, here below: “Compared to most goth-roc... [ read more ]

October 29th, 2007: Dead-end Track on CD BABY

Our debut album is finally available on CD BABY! All you have to do is very easy: click on "read more", follow the external link below and... what else?! Buy it! :)

July 28th, 2007: Buy our record!!! What are you waiting for?! ;-)

Beginning from the the 28th of July, our debut album will be released in the USA and in the UK, but it will be available in some other stores too, worldwide. The quickest way to get a copy i... [ read more ]

March 17th, 2007: Great news, here we are!

Finally, here we are! We found what we were looking for (a good label: what else?), and we signed a contract with Vision Metal Records. This american label will distribute and promote our de... [ read more ]

December 24th, 2006: Merry Xmas!!!!

Guess?!... We wish you a merry Xmas and a happy New Year... ;-)

September 21th, 2006: acoustic live @ Papesse

In Siena, on occasion of the exhibition «Good Vibrations», about visual arts and rock music (may, 26th – september, 24th), the Contemporary Arts Center “Palazzo delle Papesse” will display t... [ read more ]

June 2nd, 2006: Dead-end Track live

June the 2nd, in Siena: more than a year of ‘no-live-shows’ afterwards, Dead-end Track will be the last to play at a festival of bands, organized by Siena Rock association at “La Corte dei M... [ read more ]

May 16th, 2006: Fabrizio has a new tattoo

In Trieste, where he attends the Italian Literature PHD, Fabrizio decided to get a new tattoo on his right arm. It’s a «Fiji Mermaid», a strange creature whose body is a mixture of human fem... [ read more ]

November 12th, 2005: Deal with Rising Works & Tabloid

Dead-end Track got signed to Frank Andiver’s Rising Works and to Tabloid Music (Frank also produced the first album of the band). By now, the record will not be available in stores because… ... [ read more ]


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